First Wedding Nightmare

First Wedding Nightmare

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Happy New Year everyone! 2016 is here!

I can no longer say that I’m getting married next year. Our wedding date is slowly approaching and I have started dieting (DUN DUN DUN). I wanted to wait until after Christmas to really focus on my diet because I don’t think the holidays should be spent worrying about your waistline but instead spent enjoying time with loved ones.

I wanted to share with y’all my first wedding nightmare. It was so realistic that I had to wake myself up at 4 AM to stop dreaming about it.

Our wedding date is November 5th and will be in Augusta, GA. In my dream, our wedding date changed to New Years Eve (I had this dream the night before NYE). New Years Eve does hold a special significance in Jordan’s and my relationship because our first phone call was January 1st at midnight. We had been texting and even skyping before then but Jordan called to wish me a Happy New Year.

Also in my dream, we changed the location from Augusta to Chattanooga but for some reason I hadn’t physically seen the location for the reception. This didn’t bother me in the dream but in real life I would’ve been freaking out about that. On top of the unseen location, my dad was doing all of the floral arrangements… which also didn’t seem to phase me. The part in my dream that DID freak me out is when I realized that it was 1:30 PM and my nails, hair, and make up weren’t done. After realizing how late in the day it was (wedding was set for 5:30 PM),  I also realized that Jordan and I had forgotten to ask our wedding party. This part is based on a little truth because we haven’t asked our wedding party yet. I then woke myself up in a cold sweat.

It’s funny how our subconscious runs wild at night. I can usually trace my dreams back to some sort of reality or worry in my life. Good thing I still have 11 months to plan!

Have you had a wedding nightmare?

Ciao for now!


Masters Series: Shoesday Tuesday!

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages and comments about yesterday’s post.

Today, I am going to talk about what type of shoes to wear to the tournament! I decided to separate my “what to wear to the tournament” post from my shoe post because picking the wrong shoe can make or break your experience. These tips can be applied to more than just the Masters Tournament. An attendee of any event that requires a lot of walking outside can benefit from these tips.

My first rule for finding the perfect shoe (besides making sure it matches your outfit) is not wearing brand new shoes. Make sure that your shoes are broken in because you won’t have the opportunity to switch them out during the day.

My go-to shoe for the tournament would be my Jack Rogers sandals (exact– in platinum with gold threading). If you opt for a flat sandal, I would strongly recommend that you wear a pair that does not have a back strap. I made this mistake one year and little rocks and dirt kept getting stuck in my shoe. I constantly had to stop and take my shoe completely off in order to get the debris out. Talk about annoying! This style matches almost any outfit choice.

If you love wearing a shoe to give you height, I would recommend a short wedge (similar– same brand). You’re less likely to get stuff stuck in this style shoe than a flat sandal. Steer clear of a shoe with any type of pointy heel. You will sink into the grass and tear-up the course. If you must wear a heel, then opt for something chunky (like this).

The other type of shoe that I see on the course is an athletic shoe. I currently do not have any functioning athletic shoes (thanks to my roommate’s dog who eats shoe laces) but I’ll post some examples of shoes that would work. Something compact and white would be the most versatile (like this).

Do you have plans to attend the tournament this week? What shoes are you planning to wear?

Ciao for now!

PS: Tiger just announced that he will be playing in the Par 3 contest tomorrow!

Shoesday Tuesday: Flats Should Describe Shoes Not Hairstyles

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Yesterday, the ground hog told us to expect six more weeks of Winter. Living in the south, this really doesn’t surprise me. Our coldest weather always comes in February and March. Even though I talked a lot about Spring this weekend, we are still in the middle of winter. I am getting tired of wearing boots every day. My go-to transitional shoe is this flat.

I have been trying to branch out by buying more flats to transition into spring. Here are two of my favorites: 
You can find these cute pink polka dot loafers here
I ordered these love letter flats for Rachel’s baby shower this past weekend. You can order them here.  
Have you bought any cute flats recently? 
Ciao for now! 

Are you Uber?

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This past weekend, I went to the Atlanta Apparel Market with my fellow Vignettes Girls, Anna and Abby. I have been going to market with Anna, the store owner, for almost two years. Last year, Anna started using the “ride sharing” app, Uber. 
If you’ve never used Uber before then use the code: gyzqp for up to $30 in free rides. 
Rides are usually around $5 to get across downtown Atlanta. Uber is different than traditional cab companies because the cars aren’t marked. I think Uber needs to put a sticker on all of their cars so that they’re more recognizable to the people catching rides. During our first few experiences with Uber, we would tap on windows and say, “Are you Uber?” before hopping in the car. After using it for dozens of rides around our favorite cities, Anna and I now are seasoned Uberers. 
Uber tells you the make, model, and color of the car that is headed to pick you up. The problem with this, which all of my friends will tell you, is that I am horrible with make and models. I know the difference between a car, SVU, and truck but my car knowledge stops there. I can recognize most logos, thanks to my advertising classes in college, but I’m lost when it comes to body styles. My father, on the other hand, can tell you the make model just from the sound of the horn. 
On our last day at Market, it was raining. The three of us were tired and our phone batteries were below 5%. Anna quickly pulled up the app and called an Uber. The app can be very temperamental with inclimate weather and it was showing our driver making circles around us. Finally, after, a cold and wet wait, a car pulled up. We surrounded the car and found the doors locked. Anna points at her phone screen while Abby and I frantically try to open the back doors to escape the rain. The young man driver rolls down his window and exclaims, “I’m just trying to go to work.” He wasn’t uber. 
To our credit, he was driving a black Nissan Ultima and we were looking for a black Nissan Maxima. Talk about awkward. At least we weren’t a bunch of men. 
We eventually found our Uber and had a good laugh. 
Ciao for now! 

Spring 2015 Pantone Series #3

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This is the third post in my series of Spring Pantone Colors for 2015. You can catch up with the first post here, and second post here.

Today I am reviewing the last four colors. To refresh your memory, I am including the graphic I made of all of the colors.

7. Tangerine
Need some tang in your life? Tangerine is the right color to add to your wardrobe! It’s citrusy and makes me want a mimosa. Unlike a lot of orange shades, it’s muted and softer, so you don’t have to be super adventurous to try it. This color looks best paired with Classic Blue, Lucite Green, or Marsala.

8. Custard
This spring we are making the transition from Mustard to Custard! Custard? Yes, like eclairs. I like this yellow because it’s tamer than neon but still has plenty of personality. It looks great with light and dark skin tones. Yellow makes it feel like Spring even when it’s still a little chilly outside. Wear Custard in hopes of unny days ahead!

9. Marsala
More wine please! This is the Pantone color of the year. It’s a great alternative to brown and can be paired with pretty much every color on the list. I really can’t get enough of Marsala. Chicken or the color!

10. Glacier Gray
This color is a wonderful neutral. It’s the “coolest” neutral in Pantone’s list this spring. I especially love it paired with Strawberry Ice, Custard, and Lucite Green. It’s a nice alternative if you want to wear white but it’s not quite Easter yet. Also, I love that you can find it in metallic!

I’ve enjoyed putting together commentary and boards on these colors. I hope that this has given you more insight into the “it” colors for spring!

Ciao for now!


Spring 2015 Pantone Series #2

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This is part two of my Pantone Spring 2015 Color series. You can find part one here.

Here is a refresher for you:

I’ve already discussed the first three hues and today I am going to discuss the next three.

4. Classic Blue
“…an anchoring color that works with pretty much every other color on the top 10 list”- Pantone
I couldn’t agree more! I adore navy and this blue is a lighter alternative for Spring.

5. Toasted Almond
“Suntanned neutral that is comforting, warm, toes-in-the-sand color” – Pantone
Every season needs a light neutral. Toasted Almond achieves that and is also one of my favorite snacks.

6. Strawberry Ice
Pink! Easily one of my favorite colors. In high school my senior superlative was “Most Likely to Be Wearing Pink.” I don’t actually wear pink that much but I am a very feminine person overall. I think that nickname was a reflection more on my personality than my actual wardrobe choice. Strawberry Ice is a nice salmon color but with a cooler tint. And it’s basically the same color as Flamingos are and those are my favorite animal!

Don’t forget to check back on Monday when I will post about the final 4 Pantone colors for Women Spring 2015!

Ciao for now!


Spring 2015 Pantone Series #1

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Coffee. Accordion Folder. Comfortable Shoes. It’s market time!

My favorite job is being a buyer for a local boutique, Vignettes, in Augusta, Ga. Tomorrow we are headed to the Atlanta Apparel Market. The past few days, I have been researching (Pinteresting) some spring/ summer trends. I was reading Pantone‘s spring colors this morning and I thought of the idea to do a seasonal color series on my blog. I ALWAYS look at the Pantone color forecast before going to market. This helps me predict what colors people may be looking to buy. 

Pantone looks at what colors designers are using and puts together 10 colors for each season. If Pantone says that a color is “hot,” then it is.  I know that if I buy within this palette, then I have a better chance of making cohesive outfits across brand lines. Also, I know that sticking (I’ll use that term liberally) to these colors that our items will have a better chance of matching clothing bought elsewhere. I can’t tell you how often customers come into the store looking for a top to wear with a skirt or shorts or vice versa. Deviating from the list can be very refreshing as well. Don’t think that these are the ONLY color items I suggest we purchase at market, but it gives me a preview of what I’ll see at market and what to expect from my favorite designers. 

Here are the 10 women’s colors for Spring 2015. 

I was going to be an overachiever and talk about all ten today, but I decided to instead, talk about 3 today, 3 tomorrow, and 4 on Monday! I know, I’m cruel for making you wait till the weekend is over but I gotta add in some suspense. (Plus, I’ll be at Market all weekend and don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep). 

1. Aquamarine
“Somewhere between the color of the sky and the sea…” – Pantone 
To me, including this color was Pantone’s way of acknowledging Chambray as a Spring Time Staple. Blue is arguably my favorite color to wear so I have no problems with so many blue hues being included for this Spring! 

2. Scuba Blue
“… surfers aren’t the only ones who wear Neoprene.” – Pantone
I love this blue. It reminds me a lot of my sorority’s blue, azure. It is definitely a brighter blue than aquamarine and adds that -pop- of color to jazz up any outfit!

3. Lucite Green
This green is the perfect marriage between seafoam and mint! So just think.. mint, but brighter!

I hope you enjoy this series!

Ciao for now!


Recent Wardrobe Staples

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I buy a lot of clothing. Partly because I work at a boutique, but mainly because I love shopping. I always buy items with the intention of wearing them a lot, but truth be told, most of my purchases just end up on my closet floor (then into the Goodwill bin or off to a local consignment shop). There are, however, several pieces which I get each season that I end up wearing all the time. Today, I’ve decided to share with you two clothing items that make great staples for the end of Winter/ transition into Spring! 

This bracelet

I wear this J. Crew Factory gold link bracelet every day. It looks a lot like this David Yurman bracelet, but it’s a fraction of the cost. Also, it’s gold plated.  

This tunic

(Today was cold and windy and I only went outside long enough to take this photo). 

This tunic was given to me by my best friend, Rachel. She originally bought it for herself. The first day she wore it, she got a stain on it. Since she loved the tunic A LOT but wasn’t sure if the stain would come out, she bought another one. The stain came out, so she gave me the back-up tunic. A perk of having a fashionista as a best friend is that a fashion emergency for her can turn out to be beneficial to me and vice versa. 

Back to the tunic, it wrinkles easily (as you can tell above) but it’s comfortable and it fits really well. It’s just long enough to wear with leggings and it’s super soft. I probably wear it once a week. 

Both of these items make great Spring wardrobe staples. I wear scarves and vests over the tunic and the link bracelet makes a great addition to my jewelry collection. 

Ciao for now! 


Top Knot Tutorial

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Happy Saturday! Today I decided to attempt a top knot! I posted a picture on Instagram and was asked how I got my hair to look like this. I decided that it was a good time for a tutorial. I have pretty thick hair and it’s a little longer than shoulder length. I used a sock to achieve the volume in the bun that I wanted. 

First step is to put your hair in a ponytail on the top of your head. 
Stand it straight up.
Take a sock and cut the toe part off and roll it up so it looks like a donut. Slip this onto your ponytail but leave it close to the ponytail tip.  
Part the ponytail in half and tuck the tips under the sock. (You can see my thumb tucking one half under the sock above). 

You can see that both halves are tucked under (there are still some stray pieces which will tuck under as you roll it to your head). 
Use your thumbs and fingers like I am above and start rolling. 
Tuck as you roll so that the bun tightens. 
Eventually the hair will start to look neat. At this point you need to spread the hair around the sock so that no white is visible. With the next roll I’ll be sure to push the hair forward to cover the front of the sock. You want to concentrate on covering the back of the sock first so that way you can adjust the front as needed. It’s hard adjusting the back of your hair without two mirrors. 
And there you have it! You’ve successfully made a top knot! 
I’ve seen many different ways to put in a sock bun but this is the easiest way to me. 
Let me know what you think! 
Ciao for now! 

Ipsy Review: January Glambag

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I have been subscribing to ipsy to close to a year. Originally, my roommate, Mica told me about the service because I love trying new make-up products. This subscription service sends you a Glambag every month full of four or five goodies for $10 a month. Before ipsy, I would spend more on that on random things at the drugstore. Ipsy sends me quality brands and I’ve yet to have a Glambag that I felt I hadn’t gotten my money’s worth. Bonus: ipsy always comes in a cute metallic pink mailer which always puts a smile on my face when I check the mailbox.

This is what the metallic mailer looks like. Cute, right? 
This was January’s Glambag. Each month it has some sort of new creative design. 
The other side of the bag is white. I’m originally a Florida girl so I was a sucker for the colors this month. 
The first item in the bag was a liquid eyeliner. I usually stick to pencil but liquid gives a heavier effect which is more dramatic (and messy). I’ll probably use this eyeliner on Valentine’s Day. 
I LOVE it when ipsy sends brushes. This one is for all over eyeliner and I will definitely put it to good use. Plus, it’s pink. Love. (I apologize for my short unpainted nails but I just haven’t had a chance to paint them since I peeled my gel polish off. Bad, I know.) 
Honey face mask! What a treat! I used it earlier today and it worked well. I was definitely one of those kids growing up who would popular Elmer’s glue all over my hands just to peel it off. It left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. 
Next up is a mojito lip balm. It smells great and was fine on my lips. You can never have enough lip balm in the colder months so no complaints here. 
I’ve gotten this eye shadow twice now in my ipsy bag and I am obsessed with it. Last time that I got this shadow, it lasted a very long time. I am thrilled that I got it again! (It’s a blush/champagne color in case you can’t tell)
Want to try ipsy? Sign up here!!!

Ciao for now! 

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