Shoesday Tuesday: The Perfect Riding Boots

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“Where did you get your boots?” That is the number one fashion-related question I’m asked during the winter months. My boots were from Vignettes, where I work, but they’re a few seasons old. The key to investing in a pair of brown riding boots is simplicity. You don’t want boots with a bunch of buckles or logos on them. As we say in design, “Keep it simple, stupid!” Since the riding boot trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, I really should invest in a nice pair.

These Frye boots are my favorite designer boots. I love Tory Burch but I do not have $500 to spend on shoes. These Frye boots, in my opinion, seem like better quality and are more reasonably priced (especially if you were to get them on sale).

If you’re unsure about the riding boot trend then these boots off of Amazon are perfect for you. They are very similar to the above Frye “Melissa”. These are vegan leather and are the least expensive on my list. Also these have an inner-calf zipper which irritates my ankle bone but if you’ve never had that problem, then these might be the boots for you!
These boots (below) from Target look just like the Frye Melissa boots and are REAL Leather! How stellar is that? These look like they would be a great investment and come in three colors: black, chocolate brown, and cognac. My favorite is the cognac. These also come in a wide calf which I know is really helpful for some ladies.

I can’t believe I found these boots for you! The boots below (again, vegan leather) are the exact boots that I get asked about all the time. They have two buckles on them (one on the top and one on the heel). They have lasted me two seasons and they still look great. We are sold out of them at Vignettes but JCPenney’s has them in stock.

Wanted • $70.00 

Here’s a wrap up for you:

I know it’s almost spring and a little late to be buying boots but you can usually score an end of season sale. Our cold weather doesn’t come until right about now until March so it’s still not too late.

Ciao for now!


My Favorite Salad

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Boots: Macy’s [similar]

During our trip out west, Jordan and I stopped in Scottsdale, Arizona. The night before stopping in Scottsdale, we stayed in El Paso (I hope to never go back). I’m not sure if Scottsdale was ACTUALLY as wonderful as I remember, or if El Paso was so horrible that I remember Scottsdale being better than it was. Whatever the reason, we fell in love with Scottsdale. 

We were hungry by the time we got into town so we stopped for dinner at Cowboy Ciao. Jordan ordered mushroom stew and I decided I wanted a salad. I usually like chopped salads and there was on one the menu, so I ordered it. The description read as follows: 
Stetson Chopped Salad: “I loved that chopped salad so much that I put it on my screensaver!” – Actual Guest Quote

This is what the salad looked like: 

It was amazing. So amazing that I found the recipe online and made it at home. It wasn’t quite as good as the in restaurant experience but it satisfied my taste buds just fine. 

Here is the recipe: 

  • 1/2 cup (2 oz) Israeli (pearl) couscous, cooked
  • 1/2 cup (2 oz) Roma tomatoes, diced
  • 1/2 cup (1 oz) super-sweet dried corn
  • 1/2 cup (2oz) arugula, chopped
  • 2 ounces smoked salmon, diced
  • 1/2 oz asiago cheese, crumbled **
  • 1/4 cup (1/2 oz) toasted pepitas **
  • 1/4 cup dried black currants**
  • 1/2 cup basil pesto
  • 1 cup aioli (Note: If you cannot find commercially prepared aioli and don`t want to make your own, you can substitute mayonnaise, or use 1 cup olive oil, drizzled in very slowly with motor running so the mixture emulsifies. It should thicken further with refrigeration.
  • 1 shallot, roughly chopped
  • Salt to taste 

  • 1
    In a shallow bowl, assemble the salad ingredients in rows. Start with tomatoes or arugula at one end; push previous row back with one hand as you place and line up the next ingredient with the other hand.
  • 2
    **Combine these ingredients beforehand and use as one row. All are available at Trader Joe’s. 
Add first three ingredients to food processor and blend thoroughly. With motor running, pour in buttermilk. Add remaining ingredients to combine. If using prepared pesto, taste before adding additional salt. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve.
Source:Cowboy Ciao Restaurant – Scottsdale, AZ

Shirt: Old Navy [exact]
Shorts: Nordstrom [similar]
Boots:Macy’s [similar]
Purse: Longchamp [exact]

This was taken at the resort at the bottom of Camelback Mountain. 
We will definitely be making a return trip to Scottsdale, even if for no reason other than to order the Stetson Salad!

Ciao for now!


Thrifty Three

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I love fashion. It has always been a passion of mine and I hope to turn it into a career. I have yet to make the transition from student to full time career woman. but the clock is ticking.  I have learned how to manage well with a tight student budget. I value quality and so the majority of my purchases are from the sale rack. I have decided to start a mini series of weekly posts sharing some great deals and steals that I have purchased or intend to purchase. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to give feedback.

1. Smoking Slippers

These beauts are only $53.99 which is great for this type of shoe. J Crew (factory or original) has great quality and style. Theses would’ve been adorable for New Years but work for any occasion. Also blue is my favorite color so what is not to love about these shoes?

2. Pixie Ankle Pants

What is not to love? Only $30 right now at Old Navy. These would be wonderful for Spring. I love Old Navy pixie pants because they are the perfect professional ankle pant. Plus they’re super comfy. They have a wide variety of colors but this blue grid was just the right amount of funky for me. It says the color is blue but it looks more periwinkle in my opinion. I also love the contrasting belt with which it is styled. I happen to have a belt this exact shade of pink… guess I HAVE to buy the pants now.  😉

3. Patterned Tunic Dress

This dress comes in at $58.50. It reminds me of a Sail To Sable dress but is a FRACTION of the price. I love everything about this dress. I do not own this dress so I cannot speak to the fit but it looks like it would be very comfortable. I had to cut this poor model’s face off to screen-shot it but her hair is gorgeous, am I right?  This dress is perfect for Resort / Spring.

I started doing yoga this week. I haven’t ventured into a studio yet (even though there is a great one right down the street from the boutique where I work). I have been doing YouTube tutorials in my bedroom, and let me tell you, it’s quite the work out. I am not as flexible as I used to be. In high school I was cheerleading captain and worked out five days a week, now… not so much. Because of my recent pasttime, I have been shopping for yoga friendly clothing. My sister swears by Athleta for the quality and durability. And this week THEY’RE HAVING A SALE! Click here. Use Code ATHLETA20 and get 20% off your entire purchase until the 19th. I will definitely be taking advantage of this great sale.

Ciao for Now,


Mad for Plaid

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I was hesitant about the plaid poncho because it’s so big. I do love how warm it is. It is like wearing a blanket… Because I kinda am. The weather forecast is going to be very cold. Very very cold for the Deep South. It will be below freezing for almost two days… Hopefully everyone will stay safe and there won’t be too much ice on the roads. We can dream about snow but we all know it’ll just be ice.
Also The Bachelor premiered last night. So far my favorite is Britt. I’ll keep y’all updated on my thoughts as the season continues. 
Ciao for now, 

PS: Outfit details:
Poncho (similar)- Piko Top (similar)- Favorite LeggingsBoots

Style Seven: Prints for Fall

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Must have prints for fall: 

1. Plaid
I absolutely adore plaid. I put this print first in my list because it is almost exclusive to the fall and winter months. Whether it be on a scarf, a flannel, or a vest, you can’t go wrong adding plaid to any cold weather outfit.

2. Herringbone
One of my favorite prints for fall is herringbone. I love herringbone blazers for men in the cold months. Also, who can forget the oh so classic and popular J. Crew herringbone vest? 
[ill can’t find a picture of me wearing herringbone but will correct this soon 🙈)
3. Houndstooth 
Houndstooth is a lot like herringbone because it’s traditionally in a white and black color way. Not only is houndstooth school spirited, looking at you Alabama, but it’s a great neutral print. I love this print especially in a statement coat. Also it’s great on a scarf or other statement piece. 

4. Leopard 
“As far as I’m concerned leopard is a neutral.” Right now, leopard is my favorite animal print. Because leopard is an animal print it can walk the line between lady and lady of the night (the exotic dancing kind). Leopard can easily make you look cheap. But wear it the right way and you’ll receive a lot of compliments. Your inner wild is calling. Will you answer it? 
5. Stripes 
Can you go wrong with stripes? I love it when blazer or bag linings have a classic stripe print. It’s a classic print and I think I wear something striped everyday. Also, stripes are to me the easiest to mix with other prints because it’s so basic and geometric. (I’ll write an entire post about mixing prints soon). 

6. Polka Dots
Overall, polka dots are probably my favorite print of all time. If anything (especially dish wear) has a polka dot print then I want to buy it. Polka dot details are so feminine to me. Kate Spade has shown us the many different uses for polka dots, and I love her for it! 

7. Floral 
I almost didn’t include this on my fall list because it’s not very fall or winter friendly. But there are some floral prints that work great in fall. Steer away from overall bright colors and pick prints with more neutrals. Anything with browns or golds will easily match your fall clothes. Black and white floral is a great option as well. 
Ciao for now! 

Fashion of the Academy

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Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve watched the Academy Awards with my mother and sister. After the awards, we would watch Joan Rivers talk about the fashion. The best dresses and the worst dresses, I couldn’t wait to see them all.

The link below will take you to a blog with an infographic of the dresses of every winner of Best Actress since 1929. Definitely a link you want to check out!

I think we can all agree that Cate Blanchett looked stunning!

Furocious Deal

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In Georgia, we just got over a cold front and it has been pretty rainy and muggy. Today it was actually sunny which made me, and my hair, very happy. Here are a few pictures of my outfit today. I scored this cute brown coat from Forever 21 for only $11. Yes, ladies, $11. They are having a great sale on clearance items! 50% off already marked down items! I love a good deal (in this case it felt more like a steal) and I am extremely happy with the weight and fit of this coat. Plus, it’s fur and I am loving the fur trend this season. This is a great piece to be on trend but not blend in with the masses in fur vests. I accessoried my outfit today with presents from some of the people in my life which are close to my heart which made it even more special! 

Close up of the cute pockets! 

Necklace from J Crew (Christmas present from my boss) 
Bow bracelet from Kate Spade (birthday present from my dear friend Rachel) 
Earrings from J Crew (Christmas present from my sister) 
Finally a picture of the coat from Forever 21! This was my inspiration behind today’s look! 
Did any of y’all shop end of season sales? Did you find success like I did? 


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I love accessories. My first job in retail was in an accessory store in the mall, Charming Charlie. After working there for 6 months, I aquired lots of necklaces, bracelets, purses, scarves, and mostly: stud earrings.

I haven’t worn dangly earrings since high school and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Studs look cute with all hairstyles. 
2. You can style your hair while wearing studs and not be in pain. (I have almost ripped a hole in my earlobe countless times from getting my earrings stuck in my hair while styling it. Also have you ever worn metal dangly earrings while blow drying your hair? Don’t, it’s painful and will burn you!) 
3. You can wear a statement necklace and studs at the same time and not look overaccessorized. 
4. Unless you are wearing 80s prom queen studs, they are lightweight and will not wreck your earlobe. 
5. You can buy a pair of stud earrings to match any theme imaginable and not look tacky.  (Examples: Kate Spade wedding studs, sports team mascots, and holiday shapes like a Christmas tree or pumpkin) 
Here is my personal collection of my favorite studs. My most worn earrings are my David Yurman pearl cookie earrings. They go with EVERYTHING. 
Here are some studs which I would like to add to my collection: 

Jac’s helpful fashion hint
A little hint about stud earrings is the type of back that you wear with them. 
If you wear these backs: 
Then your earrings will look sad and hang off your earlobe strange. The bigger the stud, the more it will droop. 
But if you use these backs: 
Then your studs will be perky and happy just like the fabulous girl wearing them. 
You can buy a pack of these from Amazon and replace your backs on all your studs that have the other kind. Or you can just use these backs from another pair of earrings with your studs that came with lame backs. 
The clear ring adds support and makes for a much more comfortable experience as well as keeps the earring perky! 
What are your favorite studs? Do you share my stud-love? Are you #teamhoop or #teamdangle? Let me know! 

Horse Country

Fall is my favorite season. Each year I look forward to wearing leggings, oversized sweaters, and boots. I love the holidays and seeing family and friends. Unfortunately it is one of the most difficult seasons to dress when it comes to weddings or fancier daytime events. There is an art to looking fashionable but not too summery. Darker colors and sleeves are key to a good fall dress.  As a worker in a boutique, I am daily helping women find the perfect dress to wear to any and every occasion. 
This past weekend I needed to find a dress for fall Steeplechase. In the springtime, a standard Steeplechase outfit for women consists of a Lilly sundress and matching floppy hat. Fall horse races are different. Not many women wear large sun hats. I still wanted to wear a dress but I needed something that was warm and not too summery. What a dilemma! But, I found the perfect dress! It was orange with light blue, navy, and black flowers. I paired it with my Marley Lilly riding boots and leggings. 
I received several compliments on both my dress and the dip I made for the tailgate. The only downer of the day was forgetting to bring the mango orange juice for the mimosas! 
My roommate and dear friend Holley! 

My sorority sister Caro! 

My date Matt sporting his Dogwood Stables hat! 
(Street Fight from Dogwood Stables won the first race!) 
Mirror picture before leaving and putting leggings on to keep me warm. 

Tailgating on the rail makes for an excellent view of the track. 
The girls at our tailgate! 
Now for the dip recipe which will rock your pasture! 
It was very easy to make. I found the base recipe on Pinterest but edited the amount of ingredients I put in to make it my own. 
-16 oz of reduced fat sour cream
– 8oz of cream cheese
– 3/4 cub of chopped ham (I bought premade chopped ham at Kroger) 
– 4 green onion chopped  
– 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese (save a little to sprinkle on top) 
– 1 tsp of hot sauce 
– 2 tsp of Worshestershire sauce 
– salt
– pepper 
– Italian Bread Loaf (baked) 
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl except the loaf. Add the hot sauce and Worshestershire to taste. I added a little at a time to make sure they weren’t overpowering. 
Cut the football shaped center top out of the bread and use a knife and spoon to carve out the center of the bread. 
Fill the bread bowl with dip. Sprinkle extra cheddar cheese on the dip. Wrap completely in tin foil. 
Bake the dip for 350 degrees for 1 hour (wrapped in tin foil)
It serves well immediately or after it is cool.
I used pita bread but any sort of chip would work well with it. 
The picture is from Pinterest because mine was gone by the time I thought to snap a shot! 
Ciao for now! 
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