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This has easily become one of my favorite spring outfits. White jeans make any top look a little dressier. This look is perfect to wear to the office if you have a more casual working environment. Sorry my shirt is wrinkled, but I am trying hard to get blog posts up this week (wrinkles or not).

I really enjoy blogging but life has gotten in the way these past few months. Going forward, not all of my posts will be outfit posts. If all my posts were outfit posts then they would all look the same. Ha! The majority of my wardrobe looks very similar to this (blue + white). Feel free to leave comments on here or on my instagram of posts that you would like to see, I always enjoy getting feedback.

I am starting a new blog series on Wednesday so be sure to check back then. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ciao for now!jaclyn-signiture-1


The Best Mail Day

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Springtime in Chattanooga is absolutely breathtaking. I am loving all of these blooms and surprisingly (compared to Augusta) tolerable temperatures. It has been such a lovely week weather-wise. I have been out of town the past 3 weekends and next weekend will be no different.

On Monday, taxes, work and traveling had gotten the best of me. I was in a pretty drab mood all day until I checked my mailbox and had a package from Jack Rogers. My sweet friend Rachel and her daughter Madeline sent me a new pair of sandals as a thank you for painting a canvas for Madeline’s first birthday party (you can see the canvas here).

Since moving to Tennessee, I haven’t been able to locate my gold/platinum jacks. I included an awkward picture of my feet above to show them off (and to show that I’m not barefooted, just need a tan 😉 ).

Rachel is such a thoughtful and sweet friend. We try to send each other surprises every few months to keep our friendship alive. I highly recommend sending snail mail if you have a loved one in a different city. Physical notes are way better than text messages.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of there week!


Ciao for now!


What is Social Media?

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Since I work in digital media, I have heard many different “definitions” of social media as it relates to business.

I once had someone tell me that creating content wasn’t important for social media management. His definition of social media was reposting content that customers post about the brand. This seemed like a very passive way of handling a business’ social media account. Yes, reposting content is one job of a social media manager but it is not the sole job & shouldn’t be the majority of your brand’s content. If all you do is repost your customer’s pictures, then you are putting your brand identity (& aesthetic) solely in the hands of your customer & their iPhone.

Another weak definition, of social media that I was told, is that social media is just writing blog posts & then sharing your blog posts with others. Are writing blog posts important? Yes! Not only does it bring traffic to your website, but it’s also a great way to become an authority in your industry. But social media is more than blog posts.

Both of these approaches focus on the media side but totally leave out the social aspect. Managing a social media account means that you are interacting with others (social) and creating content (media).

Social media is the digital relationship that a company has with it’s customers.

Social media has changed the way that companies do business. Now more than ever before, customers have direct & public interactions with companies 24/7.

Social media is a great opportunity for a brand to become part of someone’s daily schedule. If your brand posts consistently then the followers will subconsciously add you to part of their social media routine. I’ve found that posting on social media is a balance between quality & quantity. You need to post great content & post it often.  Eventually people become so familiar with your brand’s style & content that they will like every picture or article that you share because they like your profile as a body of work rather than the content of the individual posts.

My main advice is to be proactive with your social media accounts. Whether you work for a brand or you are your own brand, reply to comments, like photos, & use hashtags. Use your social media account as a relationship tool rather than just an advertising platform. It’s called social media for a reason.


Ciao for now!


First Wedding Nightmare

First Wedding Nightmare

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Happy New Year everyone! 2016 is here!

I can no longer say that I’m getting married next year. Our wedding date is slowly approaching and I have started dieting (DUN DUN DUN). I wanted to wait until after Christmas to really focus on my diet because I don’t think the holidays should be spent worrying about your waistline but instead spent enjoying time with loved ones.

I wanted to share with y’all my first wedding nightmare. It was so realistic that I had to wake myself up at 4 AM to stop dreaming about it.

Our wedding date is November 5th and will be in Augusta, GA. In my dream, our wedding date changed to New Years Eve (I had this dream the night before NYE). New Years Eve does hold a special significance in Jordan’s and my relationship because our first phone call was January 1st at midnight. We had been texting and even skyping before then but Jordan called to wish me a Happy New Year.

Also in my dream, we changed the location from Augusta to Chattanooga but for some reason I hadn’t physically seen the location for the reception. This didn’t bother me in the dream but in real life I would’ve been freaking out about that. On top of the unseen location, my dad was doing all of the floral arrangements… which also didn’t seem to phase me. The part in my dream that DID freak me out is when I realized that it was 1:30 PM and my nails, hair, and make up weren’t done. After realizing how late in the day it was (wedding was set for 5:30 PM),  I also realized that Jordan and I had forgotten to ask our wedding party. This part is based on a little truth because we haven’t asked our wedding party yet. I then woke myself up in a cold sweat.

It’s funny how our subconscious runs wild at night. I can usually trace my dreams back to some sort of reality or worry in my life. Good thing I still have 11 months to plan!

Have you had a wedding nightmare?

Ciao for now!


Meal Planning for Two

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My new apartment’s location makes it easy for both Jordan and I to eat lunch at home and I cook dinner for us most nights as well. Since we have started eating home more than we ever have before, I started meal planning!

We have also started budgeting. Before we get married next year, we have a list of books that we want to read together. At the top of the list is Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover“. I’ll go into more detail about budgeting after a few more paychecks, but so far it’s been pretty eye opening and surprisingly, fun.

Sunday is my grocery shopping day. I usually end up making a few more runs to the store during the week because we ran out of creamer or I forgot an important ingredient to a recipe, but I try to do the bulk of my shopping at one time. On Sundays I know Jordan is available to help carry groceries from the car. Juggling market bags can be tricky alone.

Here are some tricks I’ve learned that make my meal planning and grocery trips successful.

1. Make a list

I know this is grocery shopping 101. But after you’ve made a certain dish 20+ times and you have the recipe memorized, it’s easy to not write down every ingredient. Do it anyway. Last week, I forgot to buy breadcrumbs for a recipe with only 4 ingredients. Since I am trying to take one trip a week, I am buying ingredients for several recipes at a time. Write everything down because when you’re going through a list in your head, you may forget breadcrumbs.

2. Bring your own bags

Not only will you be able to carry more in each bag, which is helpful when you live in an apartment and need to take everything in one trip, but it’s better for the environment. It may inspire the lady behind you in line to bring her own on her next trip.

Plus, there are some really cute market bags…


3. Double dip ingredients

I try to make recipes with overlapping ingredients. Jordan and I don’t particularly like eating leftovers and since I am only cooking for two, I usually have extra portions of ingredients (you can’t buy half an onion). The ingredients that are most important to overlap are the produce and the meat (because they’ll spoil). I cook with a lot of citrus flavors so I always try to keep fresh lemons and limes, I also keep simple ingredients to make a delicious lemon tea (recipe here) in case the lemons start to look a little… ripe. I try to plan at least three meals during the week with the same meat. This allows me to save money and buy in bulk. If I know that one recipe that I’m making calls for fresh produce (like onions) then I’ll work onions into another meal, even if it’s just on the salad.

4. Plan for nights out

I usually only plan 4 dinners a week. We eat with Jordan’s family at his grandmother’s house on Sunday nights, our friends want to grab beers and wings at least one night a week, and Jordan and I try to go on one date a week.

5. Lunch doesn’t have to be leftovers

Don’t make lunch an after thought. Make tacos! Stock up on frozen pizzas (Jordan’s favorite)! Sometimes I’ll cook extra chicken at night and shred it for chicken salad the next day. Lunch is a great way to repurpose ingredients (like that onion I was talking about earlier) so they don’t go to waste.

Do you have any meal planning tips? I’d love to hear them.

Ciao for now!


Holiday Hostess Gifts

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I can hear the sleigh bells ringing, it is officially Christmas time! I will confess that I have been listening to Christmas music for about a week now. One of my favorite things about Christmas time is seeing family and friends at holiday parties. Here are some tips for picking up great hostess gifts:

1. Plan ahead!

If you know that you have a lot of social engagements this season, then go ahead and stock up on gifts! My favorite place to buy hostess gifts is HomeGoods. You can buy unique and expensive looking items on the cheap. They have a GREAT holiday section (don’t forget to check clearance too). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten about a hostess gift and ended up running to Walgreens to buy a gift plus $7 wrapping paper, $2 scissors, $2 tape, and a $2 bow. That’s about $15 that I had to pay because I waited till the last minute!

2. You don’t have to spend a fortune!

A great hostess gift can be purchased for $5-$15. Buying the wrapping supplies in bulk will save a lot of money too. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your gift wrapping! Instead of buying bags of holiday bows, I buy seasonal ribbon and a tiny box of ornaments and tie an ornament onto each gift. It makes the gift feel more expensive and the receiver can actually use the ornament rather than just throwing away the plastic bow.

2. Make it personal!

Usually my favorite hostess gifts are on theme with the holiday party or are edible. Soaps and candles are safe go-tos but you can easily make your gift stand out by making it a little bit more personal.

For a host or hostess that loves cooking and/ or baking:

Christmas Apron

Seasonal apron


Seasonal cookie cutter

For a host or hostess that has a signature drink / cocktail:



05581d0dec379f4aecf3090074c2a57d_best 79be414bea7fadf1b2c621db8d48e230_best

Seasonal glasses

For a host or hostess that is always on his/her phone:


Portable charger

For a host or hostess that loves entertaining:


Seasonal napkin holders


Seasonal platter/ candy bowl

Have you started hostess gift shopping? How do you prepare for the holidays?

Ciao For Now!


Holiday Tea: How to make your home smell amazing during the holidays!

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Today, I am sharing a great recipe that not only smells and tastes amazing but is an appetite suppressant, which I could definitely use during the holiday season. Lemon and cinnamon are naturally appetite suppressants and they are two of the three ingredients for this holiday treat. I love that I can drink this tea without any sweetener.


4 packets of spiced apple tea (I get caffeine free tea because I drink way too much coffee during the day to add more to my diet.)
3 lemons
1 stick of cinnamon
4 cups of water

Here are the brands that I use (available from Publix):




Slice the lemons in half while the water is boiling on the stove.


Once the water is boiled, add the 4 packets and cinnamon stick.


Puncture the lemon halves with a fork.


Squeeze the lemons into the boiling tea (turn heat down so you don’t burn yourself).


Take the bags and sticks out of the pot. (You may also have to retrieve some of the lemon seeds)


Serve with a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

Jordan loves it when I make this tea because of how it makes my apartment smell.

Ciao for now!


Breaking-Up with My Cable Company

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One of the benefits of living in Northshore, Chattanooga is that my wifi downloads one gigabit per second. (You can read more about it here.) And since my wifi is included in my rent. I decided to forgo cable. I have only been cable-less for a week, but I wanted to share my experience thus far.

Must-have streaming devices:

1. Apple TV ($69-$149)

I have an iPhone, Macbook Pro, and Mini iPad so naturally, I bought an Apple TV to stream my favorite shows and movies.

2. Chromecast ($35)

The main downside of the Apple Tv is the financial investment. I put my Apple TV in the living area and then the Chromecast in my bedroom. Also, with Chromecast, you can stream movies and shows from Googleplay. Googleplay has much more reasonable prices than iTunes.

Must-have subscription services:

1. Hulu

As someone who has the luxury to work from home, I usually have the TV on in the background while I am working. Luckily, Food Network and HGTV have plenty of shows available for streaming. I have recently become addicted to “Master Chef Junior”. The kids are so polite and sweet to each other… I wish adults would behave like the junior chefs.

Hulu is also great because they have new episodes of my favorite shows available to stream the day after the episode airs (looking at your shows, Shonda Rhimes). Also, Hulu now has exclusive rights to “The Mindy Project”.

2. Netflix

Netflix was created for binge-watching. Seasons upon seasons and tons of great movies. Plus it gives you access to Netflix original series (BTW, if you have Netflix, you need to watch “Master of None” ASAP).

3. HBO Now

Because I need Game of Thrones! HBO Now also has a great movie selection and access to all past HBO shows.

Some downsides of not having live TV:

1. Sports

In the south, watching College Football is almost as important as attending church. Luckily, I live within walking distance of restaurants that have the Tennessee game playing most Saturdays. My main issue with not being able to watch the game at home is that I love to make tailgating snacks. I guess I will be making them to-go for the rest of this season.

2. Debates

Having working on a national campaign while in college, I am a political news junkie. I can read headlines and stream clips but not being able to watch the debates in real time has been challenging for me. Major FOMO (fear of missing out).

Final thoughts….

Not having cable has made me more aware of the TV shows that I consume. Even though I mainly have shows stream in the background, I find that I am much more intentional with what I watch because I  have to pick each show rather than just picking a channel.

Are you thinking of dropping your cable company? Let me know your thoughts!

Ciao for now!


Rockin’ the Sapphire: Reasons to Choose a Gemstone Engagement Ring

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When Jordan and I first started looking at rings, I would have never guessed that I would end up with a gemstone engagement ring. I always pictured myself wearing a cushion cut diamond with a halo in white gold. Maybe I spent too much time on Pinterest or maybe I watched too many episodes of the Bachelor / Bachelorette.



After looking at many new diamond rings, I decided that I wanted an antique. This is when I started playing with the idea of a gemstone ring. There were so many beautiful rings available within our budget!

Here are some of the deciding factors that led me to ask Jordan to buy a gemstone ring for our engagement:

1. More Bang for Your Buck

Just like all vintage and estate jewelry, you can definitely get your money’s worth. Did you know that new diamonds are marked up 100%-200%? You can read more about that here.

2. It’s Classic

Gemstone engagement rings have been around longer than diamond engagement rings. Some recent examples of gemstone engagement rings include:

Jackie O with her gorgeous art deco ring with an emerald.



Late Princess Diana wore and, now, Princess Kate wears this sapphire engagement ring.



Princess Fergie had a ruby engagement ring.



3. It’s Unique

I have always had my own sense of style. I get more compliments about my ring because it is not the “traditional” looking engagement ring. Some people say “Oh, your ring looks like Princess Kate’s!”  I will gladly accept being compared to Princess Kate and Princess Diana any day of the week, but my ring is actually older than Princess Kate’s ring… by 70 years. So who copied who? 😉

4. Ultimate Birthstone Jewelry

Can’t decide on a gemstone? What about your birthstone? I chose sapphire not only because my favorite color is blue but mainly because I was born in September. I’ve always loved my birthstone.

5. No Upgrade Needed

I find it so sad when girls get engaged and then tell me that they’ll “upgrade” in 5 years. Why not get a ring that you LOVE when you get engaged? I get it, budgets can be tight. But I would much rather opt for a gemstone ring than a diamond ring that is waiting to be replaced.

6. Wearable Art

I’m not trying to “knock” diamonds. There are some really gorgeous new diamond rings available. My vintage ring was made in Moscow (before the Soviet Union), I am not sure who first owned my ring (I can pretend  it was Anastasia) but I know there must be a wonderful story behind it. The history combined with the level of detail and craftsmanship makes me feel like I am wearing art.

7. You can always get a diamond!

Several people have asked me, “Do you think you’ll regret not getting a diamond in a few years?” No way. Later down the road, I may decide to get a diamond ring in addition to my sapphire ring. I can always wear this ring on one hand and a diamond on the other.

My final advice is to get a ring that you love. A diamond just didn’t seem right for my engagement ring. I still admire and love many diamond rings. Don’t limit yourself to what you see on the Bachelor. And most importantly, don’t pressure your fiance to spend more than he has, just to get the carat diamond that you desire.

Get a ring that you love and that matches your personal style, you won’t regret it.

My ring:


Ciao for now!


Merging Styles

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This week, I finally got the keys to my new apartment. While in college, I never had money to decorate my apartment like I wanted. My major furniture purchases in college were a futon, a dining room table and chairs (which were used more for party games than for actually eating dinner), and two red sofas from some girl on Facebook who was moving across country. These pieces were mixed with my roommates’ furniture and some childhood furniture that my mom let me use.

Now that I have my own apartment, I am getting to actually buy items that I like and that reflect my taste rather than whatever is cheapest and necessary. Jordan and I are getting married next fall so my apartment is the last “girl-only” place I will be living. Since the furniture/ decorations I am purchasing will be in Jordan’s and my first home, I have been taking Jordan’s taste into consideration for every major purchase.

Jordan’s style:

I would categorize Jordan’s style as a mix of industrial and mid-century modern. He traveled to Sweden and Denmark over the summer so he has recently become obsessed with Scandinavian design. (I’m ok with this because I am 1/4th Swedish).








My style:

I would categorize my style as a mix between art deco, traditional, and coastal. I love everything from the 20s, if I could afford to decorate my house like Gatsby’s, then I would. Having family in Miami, I have always been attracted to sea & palm prints. My favorite colors are gold, white, and navy.








Our styles overlap in some ways but in other ways, they clash. My apartment is very much my style (I’m not giving up pink just yet) but I have made sure that all of the furniture will flow nicely with his when we get married.

I can’t wait to post pictures of my apartment once it is completely decorated. I will also be sharing ways that we have “compromised” or worked around our different tastes when purchasing bigger ticketed items.

Do you and your significant other have different tastes when it come to home decor? How have you worked around that while decorating? I would love to hear other’s thoughts and advice!

Ciao for now!


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