Masters Series: Shoesday Tuesday!

Thank you so much for all the sweet messages and comments about yesterday’s post.

Today, I am going to talk about what type of shoes to wear to the tournament! I decided to separate my “what to wear to the tournament” post from my shoe post because picking the wrong shoe can make or break your experience. These tips can be applied to more than just the Masters Tournament. An attendee of any event that requires a lot of walking outside can benefit from these tips.

My first rule for finding the perfect shoe (besides making sure it matches your outfit) is not wearing brand new shoes. Make sure that your shoes are broken in because you won’t have the opportunity to switch them out during the day.

My go-to shoe for the tournament would be my Jack Rogers sandals (exact– in platinum with gold threading). If you opt for a flat sandal, I would strongly recommend that you wear a pair that does not have a back strap. I made this mistake one year and little rocks and dirt kept getting stuck in my shoe. I constantly had to stop and take my shoe completely off in order to get the debris out. Talk about annoying! This style matches almost any outfit choice.

If you love wearing a shoe to give you height, I would recommend a short wedge (similar– same brand). You’re less likely to get stuff stuck in this style shoe than a flat sandal. Steer clear of a shoe with any type of pointy heel. You will sink into the grass and tear-up the course. If you must wear a heel, then opt for something chunky (like this).

The other type of shoe that I see on the course is an athletic shoe. I currently do not have any functioning athletic shoes (thanks to my roommate’s dog who eats shoe laces) but I’ll post some examples of shoes that would work. Something compact and white would be the most versatile (like this).

Do you have plans to attend the tournament this week? What shoes are you planning to wear?

Ciao for now!

PS: Tiger just announced that he will be playing in the Par 3 contest tomorrow!

Masters Series: What’s in your bag?

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I accidentally took the month of March off of blogging. I’ve had a lot of things going on in my life and most importantly, a new person! My best friend Rachel had her baby girl last Wednesday. I am extremely lucky to have found such a deep friendship with Rachel. She impresses me daily with her mothering skills (while in full hair and make-up). I am so lucky to know and love both Rachel and Madeline.

Back to blogging.

My sister and I at the tournament in 2001 in true 90s kids style.

Every first week of April, all eyes are on my hometown for the Masters. Patrons from across the world come to our town for a week of golf.

Tournament line up:
Monday & Tuesday are Practice Round days (cameras are allowed and more golfers are playing)
Wednesday is the Par 3 tournament (golfers are way more relaxed, autographs are allowed, and you won’t see Tiger)
Thursday – Sunday are the actual tournament days (first two days’ scores count for a cut and the weekend’s scores determine the winner)

I am lucky enough to have the privilege to attend the tournament. I usually attend on Sunday a.k.a. Green Jacket day!

The Augusta National has strict rules for Masters Patrons. One of these rules is the size bag allowed in the gates. Because of this rule, I use bags purchased at the tournament pro shop that fit the criteria (10″ W x 10″H x 12″D). You can read more about the guidelines on the Masters website under Patron Info. The lilac bag pictured above was purchased a few years ago and has a crossbody strap.

Tournament days can be long and the weather can be unpredictable. Thank you, April showers! I am always sure to bring plenty of chapstick and touch up make up. Sitting in the sun and the Augusta humidity can do a lot of damage to my hairstyle. I always bring a hair tie or clip. Sunscreen is essential for Masters tournament days. Even if it is overcast, I wear sunscreen.

I cannot stress how important sunglasses are at the tournament. The greens can cause quite the glare and you’ll never see a ball if you don’t bring your sunnies! I strongly suggest applying sunscreen under your make up to prevent a sunglasses tan.

Two years ago I was caught in QUITE the storm at the tournament. I will say… not having an umbrella wasn’t the worst thing to happen to me. On our way to the pro shop to buy an umbrella, I ran into Chace Crawford  (Yes, Nate on Gossip Girl). He let me stand with him under his umbrella while we watched a golfer (I have no idea which one) finish putting the hole. Chace’s eyes ARE that blue and he called me “darlin.” I don’t usually get starstruck but…. I definitely felt like Blair Waldorf. We parted ways and I ended up buying a giant umbrella at the pro shop which I had to lug around the rest of the day. Bring an umbrella but leave it in your purse if you run into a celebrity. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wristlets are great to bring as well. I prefer crossbody bags because they are easier to wear. Some people bring seats but I prefer to walk around and find seating in the stands. Pack light because you will be stuck with whatever you bring for the day!

Things not to bring:

Cellphones (be sure to write down anyone’s number who you may want to call during the tournament because there are phone available in the gates)

Cameras (allowed all days but tournament days unless you are press)


Booze or food (there is plenty available in the gate)

If you’re like me and have allergies, I recommend taking an allergy pill the morning before you attend. The flowers are beautiful but make my sinuses go crazy.

Come back tomorrow to read my post about what shoes to wear to the tournament!

Ciao for now!


Binging… HOC

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Well it’s that time of year, Netflix came out with the 3rd season of House of Cards. Which means that I need to catch Jordan up on seasons 1 & 2 before I can watch season 3. 

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I do like to rewatch the past seasons so that I can refresh my memory. There’s still lots of snow on the ground and ice on the roads so we are pretty much stuck inside regardless. 


Are you watching House of Cards season 3? Are you snowbound? 
Stay warm & Ciao for now! 

Trend Alert: Cork

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At Market, I discovered a new brand, Uniquely. Their designs caught my eye but the material made me stay. All of their goods are made from Portuguese cork.

I even instagrammed this clutch from their booth: 
I have a fascination with the UK and I love Audrey Hepburn. This clutch has my name written all over it. 
I immediately followed them on Instagram (you should too) @Uniquely_Cork_Accessories. They sweetly sent me a bracelet. I liked the picture online but I love it even more in person. 
I can definitely see myself wearing it all spring and summer. It’s flashy and eco-friendly! What more could a girl ask for? 
Here are some of my other favorite items: 

I’m a sucker for a good handbag but my favorite might be the heels! Since the cork is from Portugal, their products have a European flair.  I asked the brand rep at Market if their handbags crack or tear with use (I’ve had a cork bag that this happened to) and she said no. She showed me her purse and it was definitely full. She said that she use to have back pain from lugging around a leather bag but that her cork purse does not have the same affect on her. The designs are stylish, eco-friendly, and light weight. 
The designer even made a faux snake skin out of the cork. I would love some heels in this material! 
You can find more of their items on their website:!
I really love this brand because of their quality. I have never seen products made from cork that are at this caliber. These pieces are definitely worth the investment. 
Ciao for now! 

Wallpaper Wednesday

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Time for another entry for my wallpaper wednesday! All of these are from pinterest and can be found on my board iPhone Wallpapers @JackieOFromTheMetro. 
In honor of my sister’s recent visit to Italy! 

This would’ve been perfect for Mardi Gras last week. 
This made me think about the baby shower that I helped throw for Rachel a few weeks back. I can’t wait to play Tea with her little girl! 
Easter is soon and I thought this was adorable! 
How cute is this pattern? I have always liked foxes but after my trip to Ireland last summer, I love them. 
Hope you enjoy these patterns. Remember, a new wallpaper can make you feel like you have a brand new phone! 
Ciao for now! 

Pinking of you, baby girl!

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This past weekend was Rachel’s baby shower. Her sister, boss, and I hosted the shower at her mother’s house. The preparation took a lot of planning and a lot of tulle. 

This is Rachel and I at one of her doctor’s appointment. We got official confirmation that it was a girl that day! 

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the making of the tulle skirt for the table: 

The final product: 
Hannah did an amazing job organizing the candy bar and food. 
Note the rubber duckies floating in the punch bowl! 
My friend Mandy made the cutest bow cookies for Rachel! 

I was also really proud of the favors and diaper cake I made: 
Pink white chocolate popcorn with Valentine’s Day M&Ms… Yum! 

It was a really fun day celebrating Rachel! I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to host this for her. 
Ciao for now! 

Me, Rachel, & Hannah 

Shoesday Tuesday: Flats Should Describe Shoes Not Hairstyles

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Yesterday, the ground hog told us to expect six more weeks of Winter. Living in the south, this really doesn’t surprise me. Our coldest weather always comes in February and March. Even though I talked a lot about Spring this weekend, we are still in the middle of winter. I am getting tired of wearing boots every day. My go-to transitional shoe is this flat.

I have been trying to branch out by buying more flats to transition into spring. Here are two of my favorites: 
You can find these cute pink polka dot loafers here
I ordered these love letter flats for Rachel’s baby shower this past weekend. You can order them here.  
Have you bought any cute flats recently? 
Ciao for now!