Wedding Diet: How to Make Zoodles

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wedding diet zoodles


Zoodles (zucchini noodles) were my saving grace when I decided to try Whole 30 last November. Zoodles are my favorite & easiest pasta replacement. I have cooked spaghetti squash several times but I always end up with SO much left over (and it takes like an hour to prepare). Since I usually cook for one (or two when J is in town), zoodles are the easiest and tastiest pasta substitute.

So, how do you make zoodles? Well before you invest in an expensive tool, I would suggest buying a small handheld spiralizer- that way you’ll know if you’ll actually use it.  This is the one that I got off amazon. Under $10 with Prime. It comes with a cleaning brush and is super easy to use. I registered for a more expensive option for our wedding registry because I use this little one so much.


Wedding Diet Zoodles

Always wash your zucc before spiralizing. Just put one end into the tool and start twisting. You’ll end up with beautiful noodles!

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Zoodles Wedding Diet 1

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You can see above that the spiralizer turns the zoodles into thin ribbon-like strands.

Zoodles Wedding Diet. 7

The spiralizer cuts around the core so you don’t get many seeds in your zoodles. The strands come out really long so I suggest cutting the pile into 4ths (like a pizza) to make eating a little bit easier.

Now to get to the meal prepping part of the post. Half a zucc is the perfect portion size for me. This week, I made a meat sauce with a garden tomato sauce & some ground turkey meat.

Zoodles Wedding Diet. 10

This meal comes out to be a little under 300 calories per serving and is the perfect lunch or dinner. If I take this to work, then I would put a little water into the side with the zoodles (not a lot but enough to steam them). I would also probably put the zoodles in a baggy to cook the meat sauce longer than the zoodles. I like my zoodles a little crunchy. I prepared these for dinners this week so I’ll dump the whole thing into a skillet together (maybe with a little olive oil) and cook it until the meat is heated all the way.

Zoodles Wedding Diet. 8

Zoodles don’t take long to cook, which is why I love them. Just warm a little olive oil & add some salt & pepper. I really only cook the zoodles until they’re warm. If you cook them too long (or with too much olive oil), they will become soggy- which won’t taste pasta-like. I like to make them with a meat sauce or with chicken. You could cut the zoodles up into tiny pieces to mimic rice & add it to a stir fry. It’s so simple & easy to make that you can make a side of zoodles for yourself and regular pasta for your family members / guests who are pickier eaters (though once they try zoodles, they may never go back to pasta!)

Do you like zoodles? What is your favorite zoodle recipe? Let me know in the comments!

Ciao for now!