Wedding Wednesday- What to Wear for Your Engagement Pictures!

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Today, I am sharing a few photos from our engagement pictures and some advice for brides-to-be (or you could also apply these same tips to a family photo session).

Engagement Photos by Jeri Ann Photography

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What to Wear For Your Engagement Pictures:

  1. Wear something flattering. If it doesn’t look good in the mirror, then it won’t look good in pictures. You can even have your significant other take a quick iPhone shot of you wearing the outfit to make sure that it photographs well.
  2. Tone down the patterns. Patterns (especially super tight patterns) can look weird when photographed (look up the moiré effect). I usually try to add texture (like the lace on my dress) rather than crazy patterns.
  3. Make sure your outfits flow but aren’t super matchy matchy. No longer are the days of all white tops and jeans on the beach. My center stone on my ring is a midnight blue sapphire, so I asked Jordan to wear his navy blazer.
  4. Get your nails done. You’ll want some close up ring shots (speaking of which, have your ring professionally cleaned. That way it’s extra shiny in pictures.)
  5. Wear something that sets the tone of your wedding. Your Save the Date is the first impression that guests have of your wedding. If you are having a formal wedding, then I wouldn’t send a save the date with an engagement photo wearing t-shirts.
  6. Wear something bridal. I know I’m not wearing white, but I consider lace accents and blush as falling into that category.
  7. Make sure that your outfits match your home decor. Ok, this one may be a bit of a stretch… but since most engaged couples don’t have children yet, your house will end up looking a bit narcissistic with wedding photos and engagement photos everywhere… so they might as well match your throw pillows! Our pictures will look great in frames and hung on our walls because our outfits flow with the theme and color scheme of my apartment (and our future home together).

Non-Outfit tips:

  1. Bring props. I chose to do a picnic themed engagement shoot so I borrowed my friend Jackie‘s mom’s picnic basket and repurposed my bridesmaid bouquet at her wedding from the day before. Bringing a bottle of bubbly also gave us something to do in the pictures besides just stare at each other. 😉
  2. Enjoy it. I had so much fun taking an hour and just being near Jordan. We weren’t on our phones, we didn’t have anywhere to be, our only job was to hold each other and be in love. Sounds super sappy but it was a really nice to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, smiling in general makes you a happier, even if you’re in a bad mood (it has something to do with your brain and your facial muscles… don’t quote me on that, but you can look it up).
  3. Don’t psych yourself out about it. I looked up wayyyy too many poses on Pinterest and we didn’t end up using half of them & some of the ones that we did use, I don’t love. At the end of the day, your engagement pictures are just pictures of you and your loved one. Be prepared, but don’t get carried away and miss what this special time is really about.

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  1. Jackie Alexander
    | Reply

    I definitely agree with having your outfits match your home decor! Our engagement pictures don’t match the house, but our wedding colors do. We just ordered some canvases from our wedding, which include close-ups of our flowers. Our house is largely decorated in navy, light blue, and a little green. Our wedding colors were navy and mint. Since the flowers looked great with our bridesmaids’ mint dresses and groomsmen’s navy tuxes, I know that the canvases will add the perfect pop of color to our house!

    • Jaclyn
      | Reply

      Such a good idea, Jackie! I will be writing another-more detailed- post on this exact topic in a few weeks! I’ll be sure to get your input! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Rachel Timmerman
    | Reply

    Such a great post! I could’t agree with you more about toning down patterns and taking advantage of textures. The lace on your dress turned out stunning in the pictures! That’s what I did with Madeline’s one year photos. The ones of her in a solid ivory dress with lace details turned out to be my favorites. To me, the more simplistic, the better 😊

    • Jaclyn
      | Reply

      Thank you, Rachel! Madeline looked so adorable in those photos!

  3. SHF
    | Reply

    I never thought of matching our photos to our decor! That’s a good idea. We’re actually in the midst of redecorating and our colors for the home (white, grey, light blue, and navy) are also in our photos. It’s funny how that worked out.
    We did two sets of engagement pictures – one in our hometown and one in Disneyland, since it’s a special place to us. Your picnic idea was super cute and definitely more interesting than just staring at each other for an hour!

    • Jaclyn
      | Reply

      Thank you! I think most people unintentionally match their decor just because those are the colors that they are drawn to, but I just thought it was an interesting concept to point out! 🙂 We are doing another set of pictures in Chattanooga, these were done in Augusta on the Savannah River. I think two sets are great, especially when they are in locations that mean a lot to your relationship! 🙂

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