Wedding Wednesday- What to Wear for Your Engagement Pictures!

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Today, I am sharing a few photos from our engagement pictures and some advice for brides-to-be (or you could also apply these same tips to a family photo session).

Engagement Photos by Jeri Ann Photography

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What to Wear For Your Engagement Pictures:

  1. Wear something flattering. If it doesn’t look good in the mirror, then it won’t look good in pictures. You can even have your significant other take a quick iPhone shot of you wearing the outfit to make sure that it photographs well.
  2. Tone down the patterns. Patterns (especially super tight patterns) can look weird when photographed (look up the moiré effect). I usually try to add texture (like the lace on my dress) rather than crazy patterns.
  3. Make sure your outfits flow but aren’t super matchy matchy. No longer are the days of all white tops and jeans on the beach. My center stone on my ring is a midnight blue sapphire, so I asked Jordan to wear his navy blazer.
  4. Get your nails done. You’ll want some close up ring shots (speaking of which, have your ring professionally cleaned. That way it’s extra shiny in pictures.)
  5. Wear something that sets the tone of your wedding. Your Save the Date is the first impression that guests have of your wedding. If you are having a formal wedding, then I wouldn’t send a save the date with an engagement photo wearing t-shirts.
  6. Wear something bridal. I know I’m not wearing white, but I consider lace accents and blush as falling into that category.
  7. Make sure that your outfits match your home decor. Ok, this one may be a bit of a stretch… but since most engaged couples don’t have children yet, your house will end up looking a bit narcissistic with wedding photos and engagement photos everywhere… so they might as well match your throw pillows! Our pictures will look great in frames and hung on our walls because our outfits flow with the theme and color scheme of my apartment (and our future home together).

Non-Outfit tips:

  1. Bring props. I chose to do a picnic themed engagement shoot so I borrowed my friend Jackie‘s mom’s picnic basket and repurposed my bridesmaid bouquet at her wedding from the day before. Bringing a bottle of bubbly also gave us something to do in the pictures besides just stare at each other. 😉
  2. Enjoy it. I had so much fun taking an hour and just being near Jordan. We weren’t on our phones, we didn’t have anywhere to be, our only job was to hold each other and be in love. Sounds super sappy but it was a really nice to just relax and enjoy each other’s company. Plus, smiling in general makes you a happier, even if you’re in a bad mood (it has something to do with your brain and your facial muscles… don’t quote me on that, but you can look it up).
  3. Don’t psych yourself out about it. I looked up wayyyy too many poses on Pinterest and we didn’t end up using half of them & some of the ones that we did use, I don’t love. At the end of the day, your engagement pictures are just pictures of you and your loved one. Be prepared, but don’t get carried away and miss what this special time is really about.

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Wedding Wednesday: A dozen items that you need to add to your wedding registry!

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Photo by Jeri Ann Photography

Photo by Jeri Ann Photography

Engagement pictures are done, save the dates are ordered, & I am officially past the 6-month mark. Before we send out our save the dates, I need to make a wedding website (I know, as someone who works in digital media, how have I not done this already? ha!) and mostly finalize our registries.

I am a member of a Facebook group called the Wedding Connection (let me know if you want to join & I’ll add you), it’s a group full of engaged and newlywed brides. I polled the ladies in there about the best wedding presents that they received and got some surprising answers. I added some of their answers along with advice from my mom below!

A Dozen Items That You Need to Add to Your Wedding Registry:

  1. Really nice bed sheets- I would suggest registering for two for the master bedroom and one for the guest bedroom. This is an investment that you may not originally make on your own but once you sleep in them, you’ll never go back to regular sheets. Here is a guide from Southern Living with advice about what thread count is best.
  2. A nice set of knives- Jackie recommends these 17 piece Calphalon knives.
  3. A splurge kitchen item- I chose a pink Kitchenaid mixer for this category and a lot of really fun attachments. Like this, this, and this. If a mixer isn’t you thing, then you could choose a Vitamixer or a Big Green Egg.
  4. Something for him- I still haven’t added this yet, but I think I’ll add some nice tools or a cordless drill. Definitely include something that will make him happy. My friend Laura registered for Star Wars tumblers for her groom.
  5. Dyson Animal Vacuum & a Furminator- If you have a pet, plan to get a pet, or your significant other is a package deal- definitely register for some pet care items that will keep your house clean.
  6. Nice bakeware- Be sure to register for quality bakeware that come with lids. Choose bakeware that you won’t mind sitting on your dinner table. Your casserole deserves to travel from the oven to the table in style. Corningware is awesome and Kate Spade has some cute options too. Jordan begged me to not make our entire registry Kate Spade.
  7. China or Christmas China- A lot of women have recently opted to forgo china and only register for every day dinnerware. As someone who loves the idea of hosting swanky dinner parties, I knew that I wanted china. I originally registered for this china, but then we found out that we would be inheriting the exact same pattern. (WOW! Right?) So now, I am registering for complimentary pieces & platters. If you are inheriting china, then you could always register for Christmas china!
  8. A nice peppermill- There is no spice that that I love more than fresh ground pepper. We like this mill.
  9. Insulated picnic basket- My sister got one of these at one of her wedding showers and I knew I would register for one ever since.
  10. Chargers / Table setting decorations- Don’t just register for china and neglect the rest of your table! Some nice chargers or some napkin rings can be used for years & parties to come.
  11. Kitchen Tongs- I almost forgot these! I think tongs are the most under-appreciated kitchen item.
  12. Nice leftover storage containers– I registered for these because they were glass (I’m wary of putting plastic in the microwave) and have lids.

Obviously, I didn’t list EVERY item that is on my registry. My list is 100+ and going strong. The items listed above are items that I forgot about or was told not to leave off my registry! Did I miss something major? What was the best item that you registered for?

Ciao for now!jaclyn-signiture-1

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Happy Hour on the River with DSW

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Chattanooga Happy Hour


Chattanooga Happy Hour

Chattanooga Happy Hour

Chattanooga Happy Hour

Chattanooga Happy Hour


Chattanooga Happy Hour

Chattanooga Happy Hour

Chattanooga Happy Hour
This little caterpillar wanted to join our photoshoot. 🙂


Jean Leggings (similar) | Tote (similar) | Tunic (similar) | Shoes (similar) | Earrings (similar) | Sunnies

Jordan snapped these photos before happy hour at the Boathouse restaurant on the Tennessee River. I bought this tunic from the boutique where I used to work and had totally forgotten about it until I unpacked my warm weather wardrobe. Since I was constantly back and forth from Augusta to Chattanooga last spring & summer, I lived out of a suitcase and my wardrobe was pretty limited. Don’t you love it when you are reunited with an old favorite?

The tunic pairs perfectly with these chunky DSW shoes. I think every girl needs a pair of these chunky heels in her life. Seriously, the most comfortable heels that I own, which is why I wear them all the time! Definitely a spring & summer staple.

The past two weeks have been wildly busy and stressful– from work to some family health problems. When it rains, it pours. Wedding planning has been a good distraction and creative outlet. While I’ve been waiting on our engagement photos to be finished, I’ve been trying to get everything ready before our Save the Dates are mailed. (Think Website, Accommodations, & Registry). Last weekend, I felt like I spent the entire time registering… Who knew it would be so time consuming? I will share more about that tomorrow in my Wedding Wednesday series. 🙂

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Ciao for now!


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