What is Social Media?

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Since I work in digital media, I have heard many different “definitions” of social media as it relates to business.

I once had someone tell me that creating content wasn’t important for social media management. His definition of social media was reposting content that customers post about the brand. This seemed like a very passive way of handling a business’ social media account. Yes, reposting content is one job of a social media manager but it is not the sole job & shouldn’t be the majority of your brand’s content. If all you do is repost your customer’s pictures, then you are putting your brand identity (& aesthetic) solely in the hands of your customer & their iPhone.

Another weak definition, of social media that I was told, is that social media is just writing blog posts & then sharing your blog posts with others. Are writing blog posts important? Yes! Not only does it bring traffic to your website, but it’s also a great way to become an authority in your industry. But social media is more than blog posts.

Both of these approaches focus on the media side but totally leave out the social aspect. Managing a social media account means that you are interacting with others (social) and creating content (media).

Social media is the digital relationship that a company has with it’s customers.

Social media has changed the way that companies do business. Now more than ever before, customers have direct & public interactions with companies 24/7.

Social media is a great opportunity for a brand to become part of someone’s daily schedule. If your brand posts consistently then the followers will subconsciously add you to part of their social media routine. I’ve found that posting on social media is a balance between quality & quantity. You need to post great content & post it often.  Eventually people become so familiar with your brand’s style & content that they will like every picture or article that you share because they like your profile as a body of work rather than the content of the individual posts.

My main advice is to be proactive with your social media accounts. Whether you work for a brand or you are your own brand, reply to comments, like photos, & use hashtags. Use your social media account as a relationship tool rather than just an advertising platform. It’s called social media for a reason.


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