Wedding Wednesday: Advice from Newlywed Brides

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Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday post!

Every Wednesday until we get married (on November 5th), I am going to share something about wedding planning or wedding related. Jordan and I have been engaged since July 2015 and we are just getting into the thick of wedding planning. I am definitely in the wedding season of life. A lot of my friends have been getting married recently and I have been lucky enough to be included in their special days. When looking for advice for my wedding day, what better ladies to ask than the brides whose side I stood beside not too long ago?

Question: What was the best advice that you got or advice that you wished that you would’ve gotten for your wedding day?

Bridal Advice for the Wedding Day
Leah and I at her bridal luncheon.
 “The best advice we received when it came to wedding planning was wait 24 hours before saying yes or no to a new idea/vendor/decision, it helped us make sure what we decided on was really what we wanted and not just a hasty choice to feel like were getting things done (which was tempting because we were barely engaged four months). And best advice we had following the wedding was wait 1 year before make any big life changes. I am so glad we did that because that first year was a wonderful time of just hanging out and getting to know each other, since then we bought a house and started my own business so we just don’t have as much time to relax like we used to but I know we learned how to just enjoy each other that first year.”
-Leah (married since March 2014)
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Bridal Advice for the Wedding Day
Laura and I at her bachelorette party in Savannah, Ga.
“I wish that someone would have told me that it’s okay to cry. All day I held back tears for various reasons and tried not to let it out. When I finally saw Matt for our ‘first look’, I tried to hold it in which just made it even worse. It’s okay to cry! Just let it out and often! People will understand and will help you fix your makeup afterward!”
-Laura (married since November 2015)
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Mandy and I running errands for her cookie business.
“The best thing I can recommend is writing thank you cards after each shower and soon after your wedding. Do not be stuck like me finishing up almost a year into your 1st anniversary. I was raised truly southern and to always write thank you notes and wish I had adhered to this a year ago. Also, do not let anyone tell you what you like or need, follow your heart and your dreams. It is your day and forever more.” 
– Mandy (married since June 2015)
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Bridal Wedding Advice
Jackie and I getting ready on her wedding day.
 “When we first got engaged, everyone told me to enjoy this time and to just take everything in. I took this advice to heart and used it to help me not sweat the small stuff. Throughout the week leading up to my wedding, everyone (and I do mean everyone, even the bank teller) asked me why I was so calm. My response was always the same, “Why wouldn’t I be calm? At the end of the day, I’ll be married to my best friend; everything else is just details.” If something isn’t done by that last week, don’t do it! That will just stress you out, and your wedding should not be something you stress out about; it should be something you enjoy and cherish every moment of.” 
– Jackie (married since April 2016 (a little under 2 weeks!))
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