What I’m watching… (April 2016)

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While I’m blogging, I am usually multi-tasking and watching my favorite shows on TV. Since I don’t have cable (see post: Breaking Up With My Cable Company), I watch 90% of TV on Hulu. Here are my top 3 NEW shows that I watch on Hulu each week.

  1. The Catch

    maxresdefaultWhen to watch on Hulu: Fridays

    This ABC show is awesome. Jordan doesn’t mind watching it with me either. It’s about a private investigator and a con man. The private investigator, Mireille Enos, is GORGEOUS and has GORGEOUS clothing. If you like Greys or Scandal then you’ll love this! Shonda Rhimes does it again.

  2. The Family


    When to watch on Hulu: Mondays

    This is also an ABC show. It’s pretty thrilling and has some dark themes. It’s about a politician whose son is kidnapped. If you like Scandal and Law & Order SVU then you’ll like this show.

  3. The Path


    When to watch on Hulu: Wednesdays

    This show is a Hulu exclusive. It’s about a cult from the 70s in modern day. Scientology fascinates me and the cult in this show definitely has some scientology-esque themes going on. Warning there is nudity and cussing in this series- rated M. If you liked The Following (theres a lot less killing in the Path) or Big Love then you will like this show.


Have you watched these shows? What are your current favorites?

Ciao for now!



Wedding Wednesday: Advice from Newlywed Brides

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Welcome to my first Wedding Wednesday post!

Every Wednesday until we get married (on November 5th), I am going to share something about wedding planning or wedding related. Jordan and I have been engaged since July 2015 and we are just getting into the thick of wedding planning. I am definitely in the wedding season of life. A lot of my friends have been getting married recently and I have been lucky enough to be included in their special days. When looking for advice for my wedding day, what better ladies to ask than the brides whose side I stood beside not too long ago?

Question: What was the best advice that you got or advice that you wished that you would’ve gotten for your wedding day?

Bridal Advice for the Wedding Day
Leah and I at her bridal luncheon.
 “The best advice we received when it came to wedding planning was wait 24 hours before saying yes or no to a new idea/vendor/decision, it helped us make sure what we decided on was really what we wanted and not just a hasty choice to feel like were getting things done (which was tempting because we were barely engaged four months). And best advice we had following the wedding was wait 1 year before make any big life changes. I am so glad we did that because that first year was a wonderful time of just hanging out and getting to know each other, since then we bought a house and started my own business so we just don’t have as much time to relax like we used to but I know we learned how to just enjoy each other that first year.”
-Leah (married since March 2014)
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Bridal Advice for the Wedding Day
Laura and I at her bachelorette party in Savannah, Ga.
“I wish that someone would have told me that it’s okay to cry. All day I held back tears for various reasons and tried not to let it out. When I finally saw Matt for our ‘first look’, I tried to hold it in which just made it even worse. It’s okay to cry! Just let it out and often! People will understand and will help you fix your makeup afterward!”
-Laura (married since November 2015)
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Mandy and I running errands for her cookie business.
“The best thing I can recommend is writing thank you cards after each shower and soon after your wedding. Do not be stuck like me finishing up almost a year into your 1st anniversary. I was raised truly southern and to always write thank you notes and wish I had adhered to this a year ago. Also, do not let anyone tell you what you like or need, follow your heart and your dreams. It is your day and forever more.” 
– Mandy (married since June 2015)
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Bridal Wedding Advice
Jackie and I getting ready on her wedding day.
 “When we first got engaged, everyone told me to enjoy this time and to just take everything in. I took this advice to heart and used it to help me not sweat the small stuff. Throughout the week leading up to my wedding, everyone (and I do mean everyone, even the bank teller) asked me why I was so calm. My response was always the same, “Why wouldn’t I be calm? At the end of the day, I’ll be married to my best friend; everything else is just details.” If something isn’t done by that last week, don’t do it! That will just stress you out, and your wedding should not be something you stress out about; it should be something you enjoy and cherish every moment of.” 
– Jackie (married since April 2016 (a little under 2 weeks!))
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Ciao for Now!


Keeneland Spring Meet Stakes

Keeneland Derby Fashion

This weekend Jordan and I took a trip to Lexington and attended horse races at Keeneland. I had only ever been to Steeple Chase in Aiken, so the Dixieana race was new scenery for me. This was also my first trip to Kentucky. Hopefully we will make it to the Derby one day.
Lexington was beautiful, definitely like something out of a southern movie. White picket fences everywhere with drives that looked like this:
Keeneland Derby Fashion
At Steeple Chase in Aiken, your tailgate spot is on the track itself. At Keeneland you tailgate outside and watch the races from stands.
Keeneland Derby Fashion
Keeneland Derby Fashion
 Keeneland Derby Fashion
Keeneland Derby Fashion

We sat in general admission and it was absolutely packed, see photo above. The boys had the most fun placing $2 bets. No one in our group won more than $30 but from a few $2 bets, that’s not bad.

Something tells me that this wasn’t our last trip to Keeneland!

Trip Details:

Location: Keeneland Race Track, Lexington, Kentucky

Ticket Price: $5 (general admission)

Dress Code: Church Clothes

  • Ladies: sundress or dressy romper & cute sandals or wedges
  • Gents: button-up & slacks (blazer & tie optional)


  • Bring tailgate food & drinks- concessions inside are pricey ($4 water bottles)
  • Prepare a Spotify playlist for tailgating
  • Wear comfortable shoes, lots of standing on concrete & walking
  • Put on sunscreen even if its cloudy (we all got badly burnt)

Ciao for now!


Friday OOTD

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This has easily become one of my favorite spring outfits. White jeans make any top look a little dressier. This look is perfect to wear to the office if you have a more casual working environment. Sorry my shirt is wrinkled, but I am trying hard to get blog posts up this week (wrinkles or not).

I really enjoy blogging but life has gotten in the way these past few months. Going forward, not all of my posts will be outfit posts. If all my posts were outfit posts then they would all look the same. Ha! The majority of my wardrobe looks very similar to this (blue + white). Feel free to leave comments on here or on my instagram of posts that you would like to see, I always enjoy getting feedback.

I am starting a new blog series on Wednesday so be sure to check back then. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ciao for now!jaclyn-signiture-1


The Best Mail Day

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Springtime in Chattanooga is absolutely breathtaking. I am loving all of these blooms and surprisingly (compared to Augusta) tolerable temperatures. It has been such a lovely week weather-wise. I have been out of town the past 3 weekends and next weekend will be no different.

On Monday, taxes, work and traveling had gotten the best of me. I was in a pretty drab mood all day until I checked my mailbox and had a package from Jack Rogers. My sweet friend Rachel and her daughter Madeline sent me a new pair of sandals as a thank you for painting a canvas for Madeline’s first birthday party (you can see the canvas here).

Since moving to Tennessee, I haven’t been able to locate my gold/platinum jacks. I included an awkward picture of my feet above to show them off (and to show that I’m not barefooted, just need a tan 😉 ).

Rachel is such a thoughtful and sweet friend. We try to send each other surprises every few months to keep our friendship alive. I highly recommend sending snail mail if you have a loved one in a different city. Physical notes are way better than text messages.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of there week!


Ciao for now!


What is Social Media?

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Since I work in digital media, I have heard many different “definitions” of social media as it relates to business.

I once had someone tell me that creating content wasn’t important for social media management. His definition of social media was reposting content that customers post about the brand. This seemed like a very passive way of handling a business’ social media account. Yes, reposting content is one job of a social media manager but it is not the sole job & shouldn’t be the majority of your brand’s content. If all you do is repost your customer’s pictures, then you are putting your brand identity (& aesthetic) solely in the hands of your customer & their iPhone.

Another weak definition, of social media that I was told, is that social media is just writing blog posts & then sharing your blog posts with others. Are writing blog posts important? Yes! Not only does it bring traffic to your website, but it’s also a great way to become an authority in your industry. But social media is more than blog posts.

Both of these approaches focus on the media side but totally leave out the social aspect. Managing a social media account means that you are interacting with others (social) and creating content (media).

Social media is the digital relationship that a company has with it’s customers.

Social media has changed the way that companies do business. Now more than ever before, customers have direct & public interactions with companies 24/7.

Social media is a great opportunity for a brand to become part of someone’s daily schedule. If your brand posts consistently then the followers will subconsciously add you to part of their social media routine. I’ve found that posting on social media is a balance between quality & quantity. You need to post great content & post it often.  Eventually people become so familiar with your brand’s style & content that they will like every picture or article that you share because they like your profile as a body of work rather than the content of the individual posts.

My main advice is to be proactive with your social media accounts. Whether you work for a brand or you are your own brand, reply to comments, like photos, & use hashtags. Use your social media account as a relationship tool rather than just an advertising platform. It’s called social media for a reason.


Ciao for now!