Rockin’ the Sapphire: Reasons to Choose a Gemstone Engagement Ring

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When Jordan and I first started looking at rings, I would have never guessed that I would end up with a gemstone engagement ring. I always pictured myself wearing a cushion cut diamond with a halo in white gold. Maybe I spent too much time on Pinterest or maybe I watched too many episodes of the Bachelor / Bachelorette.



After looking at many new diamond rings, I decided that I wanted an antique. This is when I started playing with the idea of a gemstone ring. There were so many beautiful rings available within our budget!

Here are some of the deciding factors that led me to ask Jordan to buy a gemstone ring for our engagement:

1. More Bang for Your Buck

Just like all vintage and estate jewelry, you can definitely get your money’s worth. Did you know that new diamonds are marked up 100%-200%? You can read more about that here.

2. It’s Classic

Gemstone engagement rings have been around longer than diamond engagement rings. Some recent examples of gemstone engagement rings include:

Jackie O with her gorgeous art deco ring with an emerald.



Late Princess Diana wore and, now, Princess Kate wears this sapphire engagement ring.



Princess Fergie had a ruby engagement ring.



3. It’s Unique

I have always had my own sense of style. I get more compliments about my ring because it is not the “traditional” looking engagement ring. Some people say “Oh, your ring looks like Princess Kate’s!”  I will gladly accept being compared to Princess Kate and Princess Diana any day of the week, but my ring is actually older than Princess Kate’s ring… by 70 years. So who copied who? 😉

4. Ultimate Birthstone Jewelry

Can’t decide on a gemstone? What about your birthstone? I chose sapphire not only because my favorite color is blue but mainly because I was born in September. I’ve always loved my birthstone.

5. No Upgrade Needed

I find it so sad when girls get engaged and then tell me that they’ll “upgrade” in 5 years. Why not get a ring that you LOVE when you get engaged? I get it, budgets can be tight. But I would much rather opt for a gemstone ring than a diamond ring that is waiting to be replaced.

6. Wearable Art

I’m not trying to “knock” diamonds. There are some really gorgeous new diamond rings available. My vintage ring was made in Moscow (before the Soviet Union), I am not sure who first owned my ring (I can pretend  it was Anastasia) but I know there must be a wonderful story behind it. The history combined with the level of detail and craftsmanship makes me feel like I am wearing art.

7. You can always get a diamond!

Several people have asked me, “Do you think you’ll regret not getting a diamond in a few years?” No way. Later down the road, I may decide to get a diamond ring in addition to my sapphire ring. I can always wear this ring on one hand and a diamond on the other.

My final advice is to get a ring that you love. A diamond just didn’t seem right for my engagement ring. I still admire and love many diamond rings. Don’t limit yourself to what you see on the Bachelor. And most importantly, don’t pressure your fiance to spend more than he has, just to get the carat diamond that you desire.

Get a ring that you love and that matches your personal style, you won’t regret it.

My ring:


Ciao for now!


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  1. Siobhan
    | Reply

    Ah loved this post, think my favourite part is that your ring has a life and story before it became part of yours! It’s beautiful ~ you’ll never regret it… How could you?! Siobhan xx

  2. Mrs aic
    | Reply

    I have a vintage diamond cluster ring. There is no others like it and mine is from 1921. I couldn’t imagine having another ring.

    I fell in love with this ring but I originally wanted a sapphire. Also did you know that gemstones were originally used as engagement rings before debeers made diamonds a thing.

    Love your ring.

  3. Jacqueline
    | Reply

    I love this post! Even though I’m not even close of being engaged, I really enjoyed reading this. It gave me a new perspective since I never thought about taking a gemstone engagement ring before. Love, Jackie xx

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