Are you Uber?

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This past weekend, I went to the Atlanta Apparel Market with my fellow Vignettes Girls, Anna and Abby. I have been going to market with Anna, the store owner, for almost two years. Last year, Anna started using the “ride sharing” app, Uber. 
If you’ve never used Uber before then use the code: gyzqp for up to $30 in free rides. 
Rides are usually around $5 to get across downtown Atlanta. Uber is different than traditional cab companies because the cars aren’t marked. I think Uber needs to put a sticker on all of their cars so that they’re more recognizable to the people catching rides. During our first few experiences with Uber, we would tap on windows and say, “Are you Uber?” before hopping in the car. After using it for dozens of rides around our favorite cities, Anna and I now are seasoned Uberers. 
Uber tells you the make, model, and color of the car that is headed to pick you up. The problem with this, which all of my friends will tell you, is that I am horrible with make and models. I know the difference between a car, SVU, and truck but my car knowledge stops there. I can recognize most logos, thanks to my advertising classes in college, but I’m lost when it comes to body styles. My father, on the other hand, can tell you the make model just from the sound of the horn. 
On our last day at Market, it was raining. The three of us were tired and our phone batteries were below 5%. Anna quickly pulled up the app and called an Uber. The app can be very temperamental with inclimate weather and it was showing our driver making circles around us. Finally, after, a cold and wet wait, a car pulled up. We surrounded the car and found the doors locked. Anna points at her phone screen while Abby and I frantically try to open the back doors to escape the rain. The young man driver rolls down his window and exclaims, “I’m just trying to go to work.” He wasn’t uber. 
To our credit, he was driving a black Nissan Ultima and we were looking for a black Nissan Maxima. Talk about awkward. At least we weren’t a bunch of men. 
We eventually found our Uber and had a good laugh. 
Ciao for now! 

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  1. Anna Avrett
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    This was definitely our funniest Uber moment! I only wish my phone had not died as I was taking a picture of you and Abby trying to get into the car that was definitely not Uber!

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