Spring 2015 Pantone Series #1

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Coffee. Accordion Folder. Comfortable Shoes. It’s market time!

My favorite job is being a buyer for a local boutique, Vignettes, in Augusta, Ga. Tomorrow we are headed to the Atlanta Apparel Market. The past few days, I have been researching (Pinteresting) some spring/ summer trends. I was reading Pantone‘s spring colors this morning and I thought of the idea to do a seasonal color series on my blog. I ALWAYS look at the Pantone color forecast before going to market. This helps me predict what colors people may be looking to buy. 

Pantone looks at what colors designers are using and puts together 10 colors for each season. If Pantone says that a color is “hot,” then it is.  I know that if I buy within this palette, then I have a better chance of making cohesive outfits across brand lines. Also, I know that sticking (I’ll use that term liberally) to these colors that our items will have a better chance of matching clothing bought elsewhere. I can’t tell you how often customers come into the store looking for a top to wear with a skirt or shorts or vice versa. Deviating from the list can be very refreshing as well. Don’t think that these are the ONLY color items I suggest we purchase at market, but it gives me a preview of what I’ll see at market and what to expect from my favorite designers. 

Here are the 10 women’s colors for Spring 2015. 

I was going to be an overachiever and talk about all ten today, but I decided to instead, talk about 3 today, 3 tomorrow, and 4 on Monday! I know, I’m cruel for making you wait till the weekend is over but I gotta add in some suspense. (Plus, I’ll be at Market all weekend and don’t want to make promises that I can’t keep). 

1. Aquamarine
“Somewhere between the color of the sky and the sea…” – Pantone 
To me, including this color was Pantone’s way of acknowledging Chambray as a Spring Time Staple. Blue is arguably my favorite color to wear so I have no problems with so many blue hues being included for this Spring! 

2. Scuba Blue
“… surfers aren’t the only ones who wear Neoprene.” – Pantone
I love this blue. It reminds me a lot of my sorority’s blue, azure. It is definitely a brighter blue than aquamarine and adds that -pop- of color to jazz up any outfit!

3. Lucite Green
This green is the perfect marriage between seafoam and mint! So just think.. mint, but brighter!

I hope you enjoy this series!

Ciao for now!


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    Yay!! Thanks for the insight! I loveee lucite green. Have SO much fun at market 🙂

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