TerraMae: Brunching with Jackie O

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Jordan and I live four hours away from each other but we make an effort to spend as many weekends as possible together. One of our favorite rituals is to go to Sunday Brunch. We have traveled a lot this year and have brunched in quite a few different cities. I am going to start documenting our more memorable brunches in my blog. 
Below is my first installment:
Appalachian Bistro 
Downtown Chattanooga
TerraMae is located on the first floor of the StoneFort Inn. This boutique inn is over 100 years old and was built on the old stone fort which existed during the civil war. Chattanooga has a lot of antebellum history and Jordan has a fascination with most things military so this restaurant seemed right up our alley! 
TerraMae is located in downtown Chattanooga on East 10th Street. I think this may be our first time going to brunch downtown (we usually stick to NorthShore). The restaurant seemed fairly busy but we were able to be seated without a reservation. We were seated by right the kitchen so next time I will probably make a reservation.
The decorations and atmosphere were great! I would describe it as Southern Chic.
We started our meal with a mimosa for me and an americano coffee for Jordan. Jordan blindly ordered an americano and learned that he prefers lattes and cappuccinos.  That was his fault, not the restaurant’s. My mimosa was very good. You may ask “how can you mess up a mimosa?’ But we have been unpleasantly surprised with the quality of orange juice used in mimosas in most restaurants (usually tastes like Minute Maid). TerraMae doesn’t cut any corners on mimosas and uses freshly squeezed orange juice. Oh, and they have bottomless mimosas for $10. 
I decided to order the Heavenly Hash which is coffee and spice rubbed beef tips, caramelized potatoes (sweet and regular) and sunny side-up eggs. Jordan decided to order the frog legs appetizer as his main. 
My meal was amazing. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the beef was extremely tender and flavorful. I would definitely order this again.
 Jordan’s meal was good but too potent for hit palate. He wanted to try the frog legs out of curiosity, but lesson learned: Jordan hates frog legs. Jordan is an extremely picky eater but he likes trying new things… this usually results in him eating my meal or him not eating much at all. 
Since we essentially split my entree, we decided to get dessert. We ordered the bread pudding. It was amazing. The dish consisted of three bread pieces a dark chocolate garnish and a scoop of pumpkin spice ice cream. This dish was divine and we could have eaten two more servings if our stomachs would have allowed. 
So far, I would rate TerraMae as our favorite Chattanooga brunch spot.
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